Minor - ornamental mining
Minor - minería ornamental
Minor - minería ornamental
Minor - minería ornamental
Minor - minería ornamental

ornamental mining


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The vast majority of the quarries around the world are surface mines or open-pit mines. For the extraction of these minerals MINOR has always used the most innovative technologies combined with its "know-how" and this has made it possible to develop new extraction techniques which make the most of the resources.

This corporate culture has lead to resounding successes, having accomplished environmentally sustainable and economically profitable exploitations.

Block trading

MINOR MINERÍA ORNAMENTAL has a workforce with a vast experience in quality inspection of granite blocks, and its own distribution network in main block markets.

Our only objective is to meet the expectations and needs of our clients, and for them we provide a broad range of products for interior and funerary decoration. Do not hesitate to contact us to check out the efficiency and reliability of our service.

Purchase and sale of mining assets

During many years MINOR has carried out thorough prospecting of several countries in search of minerals such as iron, granite, quartz, cassiterite and copper among others. Today, it knows a vast range of mining assets of all kinds of minerals and it acts as an intermediary between owners and investors.

Advising and turnkey projects

In the starting phase of a new project of mining, we carry out all the necessary surveys to determine which will be the optimum configuration of the exploitation, taking into account the structural complexity of the land and the economic limitations of the project. Once the study phase has successfully ended , we deal with the implementation of the project, providing all the necessary equipment and organizing all production processes to achieve the lowest extraction costs.

For projects currently under development, MINOR offers a service of evaluation reports, analyzing process by process the whole exploitation, to detect the areas for improvement for the purpose of reducing costs and guaranteeing the sustainability and profitability of the project.

ornamental mining

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(+34) 988 269 999

ornamental mining

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Plaza de las Mercedes, 4 - 1º
32004 Ourense (Galicia) - Spain
Phone: +34 988 269 999 - Fax: +34 988 269 998

ornamental mining

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