Minor - cutting techniques
Minor - Técnicas de corte
Minor - técnicas de corte
Minor - técnicas de corte

cutting techniques


Minor cutting techniques

Our company has a broad experience in cutting granite, therefore, we select the best products for cutting natural stone, based on our longstanding experience. Some of these products are:

Diamond wire

Our wire is the result of years of research until we obtained the formula which allows us to offer an unbeatable product in terms of life and speed as well as one of the lowest costs per sqm in the market.


An exclusive mixture which offers our clients a quick cutting together with a long life, so the result is a low-cost cutting.

Wire machines for quarries

We offer a complete range of cutting machines for quarries ranging between 50 cv and 100 cv with an extraordinary production based on the development of our wire performance level.

Cutting techniques

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Cutting techniques

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Cutting techniques

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