Minor - cutting techniques
Minor - Técnicas de corte
Minor - técnicas de corte
Minor - técnicas de corte

cutting techniques


Natural stone cutting

Cutting granite

The significant increase in the demand of natural Stone products, mainly from the construction and funerary art sectors, has lead to the development of innovative cutting tools to increase the efficiency of quarries and factories, but overall the quality of the final product. The intensive use of the diamond wire has made it possible to achieve a more ecologic and systematic exploitation of the quarries, as well as to increase the performance, productivity and exploitation of raw material in the stages of factory production.

At MINOR TÉCNICAS DE CORTE we provide products of the highest quality to cut marble and granite which allow our clients to be more competitive in a global market in which the cost reduction and product quality are essential aspects.

Cutting techniques

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Cutting techniques

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Cutting techniques

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